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S. No.

CMP Activities




Film shows

Being organised by Class Teachers.

Two films per term are shown.



Conducted in September 2013.

Places in and around Puducherry are visited.  Worksheets are assigned to the students.


News Letter

Published in August 2013.Regularly contributing for Regional Level News letter.

Released the newsletter on the Golden Jubilee Celebration on 28.08.2013.


Teaching Learning Materials (TLM)

TLM are regularly purchased every month and distributed to all the Teachers.

Used for making teaching aids and class display.


Cluster Level Sports

Participated on 13.11.2013 at K.V. No.2, Puducherry.

Girls Team Won the 1st  position.  The Vidyalaya Team got 2nd Position.


CCA Activities

Going to be  organized on 23.11.2013.

08 Puducherry cluster schools will be participating.


TLM Purchased and utilization

Utilized by all Teachers

Displayed in class and Teaching aids are made.



Computer Room, LCD,  Photocopier, Activity Room and Resource room are available.

All the activities under CMP are conducted systematically.


Community Lunch

Being organized every quarters.



Grand Parents day

Organizing Every years



Common Minimum Programme for qualitative improvement of the Primary Education

            Common Minimum Programme was first instructed in January 2008 and it is successfully followed in our Vidyalaya.  We are making use of all the special facilities under CMP thereby facilitating a joyous and fruitful learning environment.

Support System:

          In primary section we have the support system as per the CMP guidelines.  We have 2 Xerox machine, DVD player, OHP, LCD Projector, Interactive Board and computers.  All these equipment’s are used effectively in class room transactions.

Proper use of contingent fund for TLM:

          The sanctioned amount of Rs.2000/- per month for three section vidyalaya is used by PRT’s for preparing TLM.  The teachers prepare TLM classwise and subjectwise.

Class Library:

          A library committee is formed for primary classes.  Varieties of books are purchased for class libraries.  For class I and II three or four copies of the same book are procured.  Book Day celebration and Book exhibition are organized.  The Books are displayed in glass cupboard in every class room.  Books are distributed in the substitution periods too.  Journals and children magazines are given to children.

Bal Diwas Comptititions:

          We conducted cluster level CCA and sports competitions as planned by the Cluster incharges.  CCA competition was conducted in our school on 09.11.2013 and sports competition was conducted in K.V. No.II, Puducherry,   K.V. No.I, Puduchery won the championship in CCA.

 Field Trip / Excursion:

          Every year we plan for field trip excursion.  We took our children to different places in and around Puducherry.  The teachers prepared worksheets about those places and gave to children.  They worked out and the trip was a fruitful one.

 Worksheet and Activity Sheets:

          The teachers prepare and use the worksheets and activity sheets in the class.  They maintain them classwise, lessonwise, and subjectwise.

 Time Table:

          Block periods are facilitated subjectwise and for other co-scholastic areas for effective implementation of the activities devised.  Coaches given training for sports and dance.

 Publication of News – letter:

          Vidyalaya level newsletter is released and our children contribute articles, poems and paintings regularly.  Many of them are published.  We regularly send articles for Regional level Newsletter.

 Celebration of Important Days:

          A separate committee and a schedule have been made to celebrate important festivals and the days of National importance.  They are celebrated in a befitting manner.  A grandparent day was also celebrated in October 2012.

           Cluster level Meetings are regularly organized and minutes are circulated to the entire cluster Vidyalayas.  The staffs of this vidyalaya also attended workshops for different subjects in different vidyalayas.

           We are also planning to start E-learning in Primary classes.

           With all these facilities we assure that the primary section will get more strengthened and staffs also can contribute a lot.


CMP -Initiatives( Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya. Updated as on 21.12.2010)
Class & Subject
Learning Objective initially envisaged
Learning Objective Realized or Not
Name of the Teacher in-charge along with designation
Computer aided teaching using LCD Projection
I -V
The experience of learning by seeing
Difficult topics area simple
Computer Teacher and all the PRTs
CD - on Hindi films pebble stories fairy tales
I -V
Movie shown once in 15 days (Separate timetable is prepared for CAL/TAL classes)
The Vocabulary appreciation of students increased
Library books - Class wise / Section wise Cupboards are made 50 books of CBT publication are installed
I -V
Students shown lot of interest in reading book
Reading practice developed. Book reviews are written by students and read in morning assembly
Librarian / Class teachers
Rs. 3000/- for TAL /CAL is being used effectively by all the teachers
I -V
The Teaching aids are made and used
Effective teaching is possible
HM In charge
CCA - The Schedule is printed in the dairy and Competitions are conducted
I -V
To bring out the hidden talents of Children
Overall growth of student is ensured
CCA In charge
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